Sample Questions

  • You don’t pick a side between Creation and Evolution. Why not? (Answer Takes 90 Seconds)
  • How do you think teachers should handle Creation/Evolution questions in the classroom? (90 Seconds)
  • What is ‘worldview neutral’? (90 Seconds)
  • How does an examination of opposing models benefit science? science education? Creationists? Darwinists? (90 Seconds)
  • How does your approach to science education take public teachers out of the Creation/Evolution hot seat? (90 Seconds)
  • Science proficiency scores are below 50% in most states. You say it’s not the teachers, but the curriculum. How do you explain this? (90 Seconds)
  • How do your books treat the age of the Earth? (30 Seconds)
  • How do your books treat evolution? (30 seconds)
  • How can a homeschool parent with a high school diploma teach a first grader real chemistry? physics? biology? (60 Seconds)


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